Weekly Wishlist #1

Thursday, 9 April 2015

I'm a avid window shopper, mostly out of necessity of being constantly skint rather than choice but neither the less, I spend a majority of my time wishing I could buy things. I used to do these fairly often on my last blog and whilst I can't promise I'll do one every week it does give me a valid excuse to procrastinate and browse the internet!

Since the weather has turned warmer, I've realised I have no summer clothes. I've lost over 80lbs since last year and all my clothes from last year and massive so I'm trying to find some nice, cheap summer outfits.

I'm a sucker for all things fox so I couldn't help but fall in love with this cute little case!

For those hardcore lush fans, you may remember when the melomint bar was first discontinued, it was then put onto the retro section of the website. It was one of my faves so when they then stopped the retro section I was devastated so I was so happy to see it back on there for a limited time.

Do I need to even justify these? Who doesn't love cute pjs?! I'm a sucker for anything Disney as it is but I love these as  I've got a soft spot for Daisy, and it's unusual to find something without the typical Minnie Mouse on it. 

I'm pretty much a makeup beginner... As in I wear makeup literally once in a blue moon. I don't even own a foundation right now as I smashed my last one just after Christmas... yes that's how rarely I wear it. However since I've began losing weight I've definitely taken more of an interest in m my looks, as shallow as that sounds, I do occasionally try and make an effort as of late. 

I have a perfectly good pair of Nike Roshe running trainers already, however there are so comfy and easy to run in, I'm already eyeing up my next pair, however at over £80 a pair, these will definitely be a wish list item for quite some time, no matter how cute the look! 
Like every other girl on the planet, I love a good candle. My fiancĂ© is constantly frustrated to find yet another candle has made its way in the house, he doesn't quite understand that Yankee candles  are in fact crack. I smelt this one the other day and fell in love with it, however I don't have any money with me to pick it up and now I'm kicking myself for leaving it behind. As its limited edition I'm hoping I can snatch it up before it forever becomes 'the one that got away'.

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